Managed Clinical Networks – Wales

from the Welsh Government Special Care Dentistry Implementation Plan 2013 :

“.…Managed clinical networks (MCNs) should be enabled and developed for special care dentistry. Strategically placed “Networks of Special Care Dentistry Excellence” with leadership from a consultant or specialist in special care dentistry should be set up across Wales. The networks should work across Local Health Board boundaries and provider organisations.
Networks of clinicians are in a unique position to lead the development of an integrated service approach to special care dentistry. Workforce capacity and capability needs to be developed in all three areas of dental services delivery (general dental practice, community and hospitals).
There is a need to utilise skill mix to optimise effective team working and resources. Shared care between and within dental teams can allow non-specialists to contribute effectively to the delivery of specialist care. Routine care will normally be delivered in a primary care setting……”

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